D’Alloza is located in a region of the South of Spain, more specifically in the north of the province of Almería. Its history is wide, and proof of it are the castles that watch from the top of the hills that surround to them. Among sierras we live, almond trees and olive trees shelter us, and our fate is to be able to take our gastronomy, our flavors and our customs where they want to give us the opportunity to know them.

MARCONA FRITA WITH SAL is selected with rigorous quality controls to bring to the table an exquisite mix that joins two regions. On one side our queen, the marcona, and on the other, THE PIMENTON OF LA VERA (Province of Cáceres). A mixture fruit of the commercial relations between the different regions of our Spain. The paprika of the Vera with Protected Designation of Origin, cacereño of birth, is added to the process of fritura of our marcona to give a different and surprising flavor.